Spread Your Wings

Skylar Tarkington, Editor

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The seniors last first semester is coming to an end. Most of us have applied to college or have decided what we may do after we graduate. Many of the seniors have decided to stay in Fredericktown or at least locally. There are some of us that have taken a different path in life. We want to explore and see what life is like outside of our small town. Personally, I think everyone should.

First off, I’m not saying that everyone needs to leave Fredericktown and never come back. Some people want to stay and build a life here and that’s completely fine. My opinion is that everyone should go out and explore the world. Everyone in Fredericktown, and mostly southeast Missouri, has very similar ways of thinking. It’s beneficial to visit other states, or even other countries, to see how the people that live there do things differently. The summer after my sophomore year, I went on a ten day vacation to the West Coast. It really opened my eyes to see the differences in how people live and see the world. It made me truly think about the world and people around me. You see that not just one way of thinking is wrong or right. It opens your eyes to the all of the things in the world you can do. The world is massive and full of opportunity for people of all ages. It’s extremely beneficial to see what you can do in life before you choose your path in life. Personally, I am glad that I got see and explore the United States so much. It made me think that maybe I didn’t want to stay in rural Missouri or stay in Missouri at all. There are plenty of people that stay in Fredericktown and end up regretting it. They think about what could’ve been, and that’s a situation that no one should be in.

I suggest for all of the seniors to adventure out into the real world and not have those regrets. This is the time of our lives to do the things we want to do.


Spread Your Wings