It’s a Big World

Nolan Hovis, Editor

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There once was a carrot farmer. He lived about five miles outside of Clydesdale, a small town with lots of big people in it. He lived alone and he has never left his farm, unless he was going to Clydesdale. He had no friends, just acquaintances, no family, and nobody. The only thing he had was his cat, Porky, but his cat was different from every other cat. Porky had round ears, a pointed nose, and an unusually long bare tail. The Farmer loved Porky with all his heart, even though he was different than a normal cat.

The Farmer grew these carrots and they were as thick as his calves and as long as his stride.  The carrots were big, but he had to grow them large, because he sells them every so often in Clydesdale. Clydesdale had very large people. They were unusually large and seemed to be ten feet tall. If the carrots were as small as some carrots they wouldn’t be big enough to feed the Clydonians.

In the Farmer’s spare time he tried to figure out why the Clydonians were so big. He would study family lines and try to see if there was some giant along the line that started a different species of humans that were as big as the Farmer’s house. But he couldn’t. The years he spent searching and searching he came to the conclusion that he should venture out to the world to see if there was anyone out there that knew. He planned a trip to go to the city of Gainsville. Gainsville was a city hopping with people that were smart and loved to research. The Farmer figured going there could bring him some answers. So he got on his horse and set on his way. His journey was long, but not too long for him to stand. It took a whole day of riding for him to see the skyline of the city. It was bigger than he thought it would be. The closer and closer he got to Gainsville the bigger it seemed to get. He finally got there and by his surprise, the people and the building were exactly the same as Clydesdale… massive. He began to freak out, so he decided to go to the next town over, Johnsville, and see if he could get any help. Johnsville was exactly the same. Everyone that lived there was huge! He went to all the towns around Johnsville and got the same result. Huge people everywhere. Once the Farmer got to Waynesville he decided to ask somebody. By this time, the Farmer is seven towns and one city away from home, so he knew nobody. He found a man alone at a diner and sat down, barley seeing over the table and said “Can I ask you a question?” The man looked confused and stared at him for a moment with his head cocked to the side. “You’re that guy,” the man said. The Farmer then replied “What guy?” The man said “The guy in the paper!” The man immediately shot up and ran straight to the newspaper box and told the Farmer to come over there. The Farmer ran over there and saw a headline with a picture of himself under it. The Headline read: “Unusually Small Man on an Unusually small Horse Seen in Seven Different Towns.”

It’s a Big World