Jeffrey Emlund

Caleb Cooper and Blake Olson lead out on the 10k run. Team members Jerritt Hargis, Caileb Queener, and Levi Barlow must also finish before the team’s time is called. Jeff Wilson, Aaron Cooper, Levi Cooper were also running, but they are not pictured here.

Raiders Take on Iowa

October 10, 2018

Team scores in top quarter on the litter carry

On Saturday, September 22, the Blackcat Battalion Raider Team travelled to Des Moines, Iowa, for their Raider Challenge. The Raider Challenge consisted of a 10k Roadmarch, biathlon, litter carry, one-mile rucksack run, one-rope bridge, a physical training test, and the Raider Challenge Course. The team finished 6th in the litter carry and 11th overall out of twenty-five teams.

Team members were Blake Olson, Levi Barlow, Levi Cooper, Aaron Cooper, Caleb Cooper, Abigail Lee, Caileb Queener, Jerritt Hargis, Jeffrey Emlund, and Jeff Wilson.

Photos from the meet

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