Ruth Walker

Senior, Alyssa Pierson, the representative for tennis dribbling the soccer ball, in the sports relay.

Games And Other Fun

The pep rally was filled with fun games prepared for us by student council. One of the first games was the sports’ relay race, in which team members from each sport were chosen to compete in a series sport related challenges.

The next game was donut on a string. The way you play this sweet game is to eat a donut without your hands while it’s dangling from a string. There were two representatives from each grade chosen to compete.

The next clever game StuCo set up is called fruit by the foot. In a similar way to the last game the players have to eat a fruit roll-up without their hands.

And lastly, a classic, the scavenger hunt! In this game, the competitors have to find a object in the crowd and make if back into the hula hoop before all the hoops are gone. If they fail this, they’re out.

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