Paxton Clark
Paxton Clark is not your average 15 year old. She stands at just 5'0, but that doesn't hinder her from achieving her dreams. She is a member of the Fredericktown Gold Dusters, Student Council, and FCCLA. When she isn't at school or working at her families store, Gifford Lumber Company, (Quality at the right price! Call them for all your lumber needs! 573-783-3391) she can be found dancing in her basement, taking care of her many, many house plants or trying to figure out how to make cup ramen in Mrs. Cook's microwave with her friend Lucy Pham. In her locker you can find an assortment of foods. Her favorites include the random asian snacks her lockermate brings and the bowls of mac n' cheese. After she graduates, Paxton has no idea what she wants to do with her life. The only thing she knows for certain is that she will marry the love of her life, Park Hyung Sik. Eventually...

Paxton Clark, Writer

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