Don’t Stress Yourself Out

Melissa Wulfert, Writer

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Picture this: you’re sitting in class as your teacher explains your fiftieth project you have that’s due next week. Easy to picture, right? It’s probably happened at least once or twice—or maybe twenty times since you’ve been in school. Gladly though, you have an entire week to work on it. That’s when everything goes downhill. You think you have so much time to work on all the projects. Then the next thing you know, all of it’s due the next day, and you haven’t even started because you had better things to do, like go out with your friends, watch Netflix, or any other way to get out of doing your homework. I do this with every little thing I have to do. I wait until the very last minute to do it, and it’s a really big struggle.  

Procrastination can lead to some major health problems. Even though it seems to be such a great idea, holding off on things will only be hurting yourself in the long run. Procrastination may cause stress, anxiety, and several other issues. Since you are a high schooler, you have several different things you need to accomplish, so you shouldn’t let the stress get worse.   

The causes of procrastination are very usual, and that’s why so many high school students do it. Some students have too many other commitments, distractions, overly-lenient deadlines, or just plain forgetfulness. The largest cause of it is not being organized. If aren’t organized with your projects, you tend to lose things that are important to your projects, which makes you more apt to forgetting to do them until the last minute. Some other main causes of procrastination is that you’re afraid of what the outcome, or grade, will be once it gets handed back from your teacher, and also if you’re lazy and rebellious like most teenagers are.  

To prevent procrastination, stay organized. Keep a planner, or even set a couple reminders on your phone to make sure you don’t forget about your projects. The slightest things, like making sure you put your assignments in separate folders or binders, will help out tremendously.  

Don’t Stress Yourself Out