Olga Botner interviewed at a press conference at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

The 2020 Noble Prizes

October 22, 2020

Fireman in action as he tries to help tame the fires.

Australia Wildfires

January 10, 2020

The seniors cheering very energetically.

Pep Rally

November 8, 2019

Equality for Everyone.

Malayna Elrod, Writer

April 30, 2019

Equality is a very controversial topic that can be involved in almost any category. For example, human rights, animal rights, politics, school, gender rights, sexuality, and the workplace, are great examples of categories that...


Easton Elrod, Editor

January 29, 2019

Attention Fredericktown High School: A handful of dedicated students will be performing the play Baby Talk as directed by Mrs. Lewis. The play will consist of one act and shall be performed on February 22nd. Cast members include:...

Coachella: A White Girls Dream

Liz Hinkle, Writer

January 28, 2019

Coachella is one of the most popular music festivals in the world.Many aspire to go and attend one day; celebrities are often honored to go. Last year's main performer was the one and only Beyonce. Many writers published articles...

Fun in the Storm

January 12, 2019

Missouri Midterms 2018: What You Need to Know

Easton Elrod, Editor

November 20, 2018

Midterm Elections typically don't get very much attention from voters, yet somehow 2018 was different. Voter turnout was much higher than in past years. Some of the highlights from Missouri are as follows: Josh Hawley was elected...

A New Type of Sport

Easton Elrod, Editor

September 21, 2018

E-Sports are a sub-genre of sports consisting of highly competitive video games. Games such as CS:GO, League of Legends, and even NBA2K are getting attention at the highest level of play by ESPN, Bleacher Report, and many other...

No Job is Too Big, No Pup is Too Small!

Malayna Elrod, Writer

May 15, 2018

People have always seemed to have a soft spot for heroic dogs. Whether it's TV classics like Lassie or heart-warming family films like Homeward Bound, the idea of dogs rescuing their human masters (or even complete strangers)...

International Tension

Skylar Tarkington, Editor

April 25, 2018

Things have been tense lately in the U.S. and the world. There have been talks of a new era of Cold War and even the possibility of WWIII. What could possibly send us into this world of chaos? From an article posted by BBC...