Junior Liz Hinkle, who won 3rd in districts, plays a singles match.

Liz Hinkle, Editor

Liz is one of those girls that seem very shy and timid when you first meet her, when in fact, she is not. It takes her a while to warm up to you but other than that she can get pretty wild. Liz is always down to have fun (when she isn't grounded which seems to be often). She is a very sarcastic person so most of the time you shouldn't take her seriously. That being said, she can get very deep and serious about topics she is passionate about. Liz has a lot of passion for certain things like; Tennis, Netflix, and her future. Liz has a few really close friends and likes everyone unless you give her a reason not to like you. She hopes to join the Air Force when she graduates high school and attend college at the same time. She knows this will be difficult but she is always up for a challenge.


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Liz Hinkle