Girls Basketball: 1..2..3..Together!


Liz Hinkle

Kayleigh Slinkard going up for a shot against AV

Liz Hinkle, Editor

Our girls basketball team has been working very hard this season. Many don’t know what kind of a district we are in and how difficult it is. We play some of the best teams in Missouri, and we can hold our own. These games get very stressful and very intense. You can feel the tension and pressure from on the court all the way into the stands.

This year our team is rather small; in fact, four girls that are on JV also play on varsity. One player that has caught my eye is Kylee Maddox. She has a natural pull to basketball, and it is so fun to watch her play and work her butt off on the court. The JV team is coached by Mr. Wade. He has a real connection to these girls and is always supporting them and cheering them on.

As the season has gone on, before the game starts the players get together and “break it down” by saying “1..2..3.. Together!” This is a simple way of reminding them that they are playing as a team and for each other, not just themselves—which is what I noticed can be many teams’ downfall. It’s very important when playing any sport that you work as team. If you are only thinking about yourself, that can make it difficult for any team to do well. These girls will be heading to Potosi to face the Trojans. Stay tuned for more Lady Cat updates.