Bring the JUICE


Molly Sikes

Mallory Mathes, Junior dribbles the ball to the other side of the court after a rebound. Senior Maddie Burrows remains ready to receive a pass.

Molly Sikes, Editor

Our girl’s basketball team is on a roll this year, so one might wonder what kind things go on at practice. The team members practice every single day after school for two hours without fail. Practice is one of the biggest factors in whether or not a team will succeed during a season, and our girls have been working toward success.

First, prior to practice, the girls stretch on their own. When they are ready, they begin practice by shooting for 10 minutes. The next phase of practice begins after everyone is warmed up from shooting, and it all depends on the most recent game. If the coaches feel that the girls need to work on defense, then they will drill defense for most of the practice. Otherwise they just work on various weak points. Once time is up on drilling weak points, then the team will drill a game, scrimmaging for the rest of the practice. Scrimmaging is playing a sort of mock game where the the girls split up into teams and play each other. This allows the coaches to find skills the girls need to work on in games and upcoming practices. To finish off the practice, the girls wind down by shooting free throws.

The real game-changer, however, is the attitude the members bring with them to practice and games. Coach Davis often encourages them to “bring the juice” meaning bring a good attitude to games so some is leftover when another needs it. In order to keep playing well, it is important to lift each other up.