Shooting for their Goals


Melissa Wulfert

Maddie Burrows shields the ball from her opponent

Melissa Wulfert, Writer

This season started very rough for the Lady Blackcats, with injuries, and illness. They lost two of their varsity starting players due to injuries, Kylee Bastie and Mattie Whitworth. Mattie was able to play in the middle of the season, but had gotten injured again, Kylee was out for the whole season due to a shoulder injury that needed surgery immediately. Coach Davis was very content with how hard these girls worked this season, even if they did not win as many games as hoped.

Coach Jensen and Coach Davis both agreed that the girls definitely improved their skills throughout the season. They worked on individual skills and working as a team even after they started off the season losing two varsity starters, which forces lowerclassmen to step up. Coach Davis said that the girls worked very well together, and helped each other out since some of the lowerclassmen never played on varsity. He was very proud that the seniors pushed the players and encouraged them to play to their best ability. The seniors were the leaders and role models for the team. Davis continued to brag about how great of a job they did and said he could not have done it without them.

Even though the season started off a little messy, the girls continuously shocked the coaches by pushing themselves over and over again. The girls kept working extremely hard even after a rough loss. The girls ended their season 4-18, and came extremely close to winning more games. Davis said that yes the girls did improve very much this year, but hopes for more improvement next year as well, and hopes for next year to not have any rough injuries or sicknesses like this year.