Keep Your Head Up


Molly Sikes

Marissa Hale runs to recover the ball at a home game against Doniphan.

Molly Sikes, Editor

One of the biggest strength of any good team is positivity, and, in my opinion, our teams have the most positivity out of any. It is our strongest point, especially in girl’s basketball. Even with a losing record, our girls never gave up, and all were ecstatic to finish out the season at districts this past Saturday.

Senior Maddie Burrows says that, despite losing some games, the team still felt like they progressed a lot this season, and most losses were very close to becoming wins. The team never lost momentum, and next year, they should do even better. The girls practiced every single day, and they will not lose their drive next year. The sport still remains important, and fans should continue going to games to support our girls, increasing winning chances even more.

Another thing that keeps the team together, as I have mentioned following the season, is the connections the girls have with each other. Marissa Hale had this to say about this past season: “I enjoyed playing with my best friends even if it didn’t turn out how we wanted it to.” So, what makes a team is not its wins or losses. The most important thing is the positivity that the members bring and the bonds that they create throughout their years playing together.