Play Every Game Like It’s Your Last


Melissa Wulfert

Seniors, Kylie Mann, Callista Francis, and Mattie Whitworth

Melissa Wulfert, Writer

The FHS Lady Cat Basketball team had a very rough start at the beginning of this season since one of the seniors, Mattie Whitworth, was still recovering from her torn ACL surgery. This was very tough for the varsity girls to cope with causing them to have a lot of trouble running plays considering that Mattie was the starting point guard for the team. She was finally released in the middle of the season to play and the team came together again, but she mentioned that she was not as strong as she was last year. As of right now the Varsity girls are 2-15.

Seeing that the season is coming to an end very soon, all three seniors are feeling very upset about it. Kylie Mann and Callista Francis said that they do not want it to end, and that they are feeling very bittersweet about the the end coming around the corner. Mattie mentioned that she was very sad about it as well but that she is definitely ready to get out and be in the real world.  

They all agreed that they have improved so much as a team and individually this year, but they all had one thing they wish to improve on before it ends. For Mattie, it’s being a better leader. Being a point guard, she needs to be a reliable leader for the underclassmen players. As for Callista, hers is to work on three-point shooting. Because she’s a center, it’s very rare that she gets to shoot three-pointers. But she said that she really enjoys the feeling she gets when she makes a three-point shot. Lastly, Kylie, in her position as a post, wants to continue to work on her defense. It’s a key skill for her position; she said she will always continue to work hard and improve her defensive skills.

      As the seniors are leaving, they all wanted to make an impression for the junior players as they are making their way to their senior year as well. They all know it’s really hard being a leader and that Coach Davis can be pretty intimidating. Kylie Mann mentioned during her interview, “Make sure to have fun; don’t think too much about it. There were a few players that talked about not playing because they were scared and intimidated by Coach Davis, but it’s actually a really fun experience”

       These three seniors worked very hard throughout their high school basketball career, from being the new freshman, to winning districts sophomore year, to graduating. They all had so many great memories and hopefully can make many more throughout their college experiences.