One Last Ride!



Kyndal Dodd shooting on the free throw line.

Allie Bloom, Writer

The FHS Lady Cat basketball team played their last home game February 15, 2022. There were two girl seniors this year: Kyndal Dodd and Makayla Bowman. Kyndal has played all 4 years and Makayla played 2, freshman and senior year. Unfortunately, Makayla hasn’t been able to play much due to a shoulder injury.

The Lady Cats played De Soto February 15. The game got off to a good start! The referee blew the whistle and bam, Fredericktown has the ball. Makayla Bowman (12) gets her starring moment for about 5 seconds while she dribbles the ball and then passes it to Ava Penuel (10) and she makes a 3. The crowd goes wild and Fredericktown is on the board. Shortly after De Soto takes the ball and attempts a 3. Kyndal does a great job blocking it and steals the ball; she takes it all the way down the court and gets her first 3 of the night. Kyndal just recently surpassed 1,000 points! What an accomplishment!

Senior Kyndal Dodd (12) and her sister, former Ladycat Raylyn Dodd after there game against Potosi celebrating her 1,000 point.

I asked Keira Francis (10), “How has the season been going?” She said, “It is going pretty good!” The team has had trouble with the weather recently. They have missed quite a few games this year because of snow, ice and even the rain.

The Ladycats played their last game Tuesday March 1, 2022. They made it all the way to the semi-finals, which is the farthest they have made it in five years! Many girls on the team said it was there best season they have had in there high school career. Speaking more on Kyndal’s awesome achievement, her sister was the last person to score 1,000 point in Fredericktown girls basketball.

This year they got a new head coach! Micah Reutzel, who has coached AAU basketball for at least five years, has done a great job coaching these girls. As the season is at an end I would say the girls have had a very good season and definitely one to remember!

Kyndal Dodd (12) on defense against De Soto.