Swishing Seasons


Jacob Henson

Lydia Mell (12) and Patience Garland (12) taking practice shots to warm up.

Jacob Henson, Writer

The Fredericktown Girls Basketball team of 2022-23 has had a victorious season. Notably, the Fredericktown vs. Dexter game was the most outstanding. Unfortunately, junior varsity did not win, but varsity managed to end the game with a Fredericktown victory. Fredericktown played against Dexter on Thursday, February 23, 2023.

The girls maintained an advantage throughout the game and kept gaining points. The Lady Cats kept giving it their all during the game, and when the game was over, Fredericktown had won. The score by the end of the game was 68-37, showing the Lady Cats put in their best efforts. One person specifically putting in effort is Amelia Miller(10), getting Player of the Game for the match between Fredericktown and Dexter. 

Amelia Miller (10) making a shot at the free throw line (Jacob Henson)

The Frederick- town girls basketball varsity team has had 26 games in total this season. The Lady Cats won 15 and lost 11 games, making their win percentage this year 57.7%. This proves that varsity has put in a lot of effort this season. The Lady Cats first game of the season was against Woodland (Marble Hill), and the Lady Cats won and continued to win another 3 games, keeping a 4-game winning streak. Their last game was against Kennett, the Lady Cats barely losing by 2 points. 

 The Fredericktown girls basketball team of 2022-23 has had a good season this year. In conclusion, the team worked together, not just as a team, but a family. The games this year were played well by the Lady Cats.. I can say I am curious to see how well the girls basketball team does next year.