A Rustic Prom Night


Brezlyn Boswell

Girls dancing at prom

Liz Hinkle, Writer

This year’s prom was unbelievable. The juniors did such a great job picking a theme—Rustic Charm—envisioning it, and then executing it. From the moment you walked inside the doors, it was just breathtaking. The tables were set with white cloths and dim candle lights to set the mood. Along the centers of the tables to top it all off was greenery with some flowers. A special thanks to Evann Davis and Mallory Mathes, the two girls who really brought everything together.

The night started earlier for some: a special group of sophomores got presented the honor to be a prom server. Prom servers got there early to help set up and put the finishing touches on everything. The school opened the gym up to the public so they could come through and take photos. After they got to come in and see everything, people were asked to leave before the students came. The lights were turned down low upon the arrival of the students, all dressed up and looking fresh. Guys were very put together in their suits and some even had wild shoes. All the girls were absolutely stunning with their dresses, hair, and makeup. As the students were filling up the gym, they were picking out the spots they were going to sit in for when they eat.

After a couple minutes of awkwardly standing around and some motivation, the dancing started. It went on and on and on. Throughout the night, students would have to sit down to take breaks! It finally came time to eat: the time the prom servers had been awaiting. Mr. Gibbs announced table by table to go get food, and it was the prom servers’ job to get the drinks and more food if wanted. Prom servers also have the opportunity to make tips. Some would make $50+ while some would only make $5; it all depends on who sits at their tables.


Here it is, time to announce Prom King and Queen. The candidates were:

Brett Seper & Mackenzie Phillips

Chris Lord & Skylar Sikes

Colten Jordan & Emmaline Glore

Noah Korokis & Josie Tripp

Brett Chitwood & Maya Francis

Jose Frairé & Millie McDowell

The Prom King and Queen of 2019 are…….. Noah Korokis and Mackenzie Phillips!!

Mrs. Cook
Congratulations to Noah Korokis and Mackenzie Phillips, the 2019 prom king and queen!

Thank you, seniors, for this great last memory with you! Thank you, prom servers, for helping out! Thank you, junior class sponsor teachers, for helping out as well!