Dressing Up For Homecoming


This wild group of Sophomores – Lillian Penwell, Callie Slinkard, Alex Harris, Breanna White, Lucy Pham, and Zachary Stevens – kick off the spirit week by being few of the many students who dressed up like the 80’s for Manic Monday.

Allie Moon, Writer

Monday, October seventh through Friday, October eleventh, Fredericktown High School dressed up in all sorts of ways for their football homecoming week. The theme of this week was music, which was decided on by the homecoming committee group. They all decided what each day would be. Each day was based on a unique song. Many different students participated when they could in all kinds of out of the box costumes.

Monday: The theme for October seventh was “Manic” Monday. Students dressed up like they were in the eighties.


Tuesday: October eighth’s theme was “Gloria”. Students wore sports attire such as jerseys.

Wednesday: With October ninth came the theme “Born in the USA” -sang by Bruce Springston (nicknamed “the Boss”). Students wore red, white, and blue.

Thursday: On October tenth, FHS was presented with the theme of “Fancy” by Reba vs “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea – dress country or pop.

Friday- As always, the last day (October eleventh) was wearing black and gold with the song “My House” by Flo Rida.