Their Final Race: Goodbye Seniors

Cross Country


Senior boys (left to right); Noah Jenkerson, Brayden Mullins, Ralph Patterson.

Liz Hinkle, Editor

This was the last lap around the track for the cross country seniors. I was able to ask the three seniors Ralph Patterson, Brayden Mullins, and Noah Jenkerson some questions about cross country.


Looking back on your past years running cross country: what was your favorite memory?

“My favorite memory was probably when I broke 19 minutes for a 5k” -Ralph Patterson

“I have had a lot of good times during XC. One of my memories that trumps all is setting the school record twice. Crazy.” -Brayden Mullins

“Junior year, I was awarded runner of the meet for sprinting past the finish line to the bathroom and not stopping because the bathroom was closed before the race.” -Noah Jenkerson


What is one thing you will miss the most about the team?

“One thing I will probably miss the most about the team is how we felt like a big family instead of a school team.” -Ralph Patterson

“One thing I will miss the most about cross country is racing against old friends and rivals. When you have someone that has the same competitive mindset as you it makes it more thrilling. Especially when you’ve known them throughout high school.” -Brayden Mullins

“The special bond you make during the hundreds of miles you run and the unique breakdown with your team.” -Noah Jenkerson


Did cross teach you anything or help you grow as a person? If so what and how?

“Cross country helped me grow as a person by teaching me to always look forward and to understand that I can overcome any obstacle in my way with patience and hard work.” -Ralph Patterson

“Cross country and specifically the coaches and other athletes taught me; be more patient with progress. When you fall get back up. Be mentally stronger than those around you because at the end of the race, the one who wants it the most is the one who is gutsy. All of this made me into a better person. i look at things in a better perspective. I’ve grown in maturity, well just a little.” -Brayden Mullins

“Cross country has shown me if you have a dream it can become a reality. You have to work hard and have patience. You can’t hope your dreams come true you have to chase after them.” -Noah Jenkerson


What are you expecting out of next years runners?

“I expect next years runners to work hard and to not only believe in themselves but believe in the team as well.” -Ralph Patterson

“I expect next year runners to understand that everything takes patience and a level head. I expect them in a couple of years to really compete at Districts and Conference.” -Brayden Mullins

“I expect Lyndan Gruenke to go to state. After that I expect our team to continue to grow and develop into the top 3 team in our district and soon to be conference.” -Noah Jenkerson