The Race is On

Haley McColl, Writer

Isaac Pirtle (12) passing the opposite team at the meet in Potosi. This is showing the effort he put in. (Jacob Henson)

It was a nice sunny day on October 15th, at Englar Park in Farmington Missouri. With the varsity boys starting off the race strong, they were determined to finish. All though the boys went at their comfortable pace they still pushed themselves to keep going. This meet required a lot of effort, considering the big hills they had to run up on such a hot day. On the right is Isaac Pirtle Grade 12 passing the opposite team. This shows the amount of effort the Fredericktown team puts in to do their best during each race. Some spots in the race acted as a cooling down area, as there was shade on flat land. This gave the runners a chance to prepare themselves to finish strong. Even though the varsity boys finished last on the Fredericktown team, they still put in all the effort they could to finish the race.

Mark Heine (12) keeps a steady pace while he puts in all his effort during the race. (Jacob Henson )

On the left is Senior Mark Heine keeping a steady pace as well as giving his all. Mark finished in 89th place, but he still finished strong and pushed himself till the end. It’s not where the runners place at the finish line that is necessarily important, but it’s being able to stay motivated and keep going no matter how hard the race is. The Fredericktown team does well at showing this. Every team member pushes themselves to finish during every race.

At the start of the girl’s JV race, they mostly tried to stick together. However, as the race went on everyone started going at their own pace. The girls still put all their effort into this race, finishing in 7th place. The boys had an advantage considering they ran in the early morning. While the girls ran in the afternoon, causing it to be more hot and sunny out. Although this hot weather did not stop the girls. They ran with the determination to finish strong. In the end, the Farmington meet was successful as both teams kept going no matter what.