Cross Country: District Results


Maddy Mathes

The cross country team huddled together one last time before districts.

Liz Hinkle, Editor

Blackcats Cross Country finished their season at the Class 3 District 1 race at Cape Notre Dame. The Boys varsity team ran first, made up of seniors Brayden Mullins, Ralph Patterson and Noah Jenkerson; junior Johnnie Hurst; sophomores Lyndan Gruenke and Matthew Starkey; and freshman Andrew Starkey. Results for the boys were the following:

  • Brayden Mullins: 17:59 – 22nd
  • Lyndan Gruenke: 18:35 – 33rd
  • Matthew Starkey: 20:23 – 55th
  • Noah Jenkerson: 20:36 – 58th
  • Andrew Starkey: 20:58 – 64th
  • Johnnie Hurst: 21:03 – 65th
  • Ralph Patterson: 21:44 – 68th

Sophomores Ava Laut and Belle Hanshew, and freshman Patience Garland ran in the girls race. Results for the girls were the following:

  • Ava Laut: 23:57 – 44th
  • Belle Hanshew: 28:07 – 56th
  • Patience Garland: 31:28 – 69th

Our cross country team worked hard this season and it shows, with an overall earning of 25 medals in 7 different races. The team had a incredible increase of runners from the previous year with a total of 20, this is almost double what they had last year. The future of cross is looking bright even if they are losing some seniors who were an important part of the team.