Engler Park for Miles


The announcer starts the race at Engler Park with a gunshot.

EmmaLea Cooper, Writer

Varsity Boys

During their three-mile run in Engler Park, the varsity boys showed their skill. Nervousness in the air calmed after the race began, and we can see the boys giving it their all. Lyndan Gruenke(12) represented Fredericktown well by placing 4th in his heat.

Varsity Girl

Ava Laut(12) ran solo during the varsity girls heat in Engler Park. With an impressive push off, she maintained a steady place amongst the crowd. Though she may not have gotten first, she gave it her all, and that’s what really matters.

Junior Varsity Boys

Braden Braswell(10) and Ethan Vance(9) prepped for their heat by playing a friendly game of patty cake. Eventually splitting the distance between them, I believe they kept each other in their hearts.

Junior Varsity Girls

Belle Hanshew(12) senior of her group, teaches the art of running to her young, Patience Garland(11) and Laci McClellan(9). By giving it her all, Belle is able to represent what it really means to be a runner.