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The Runners of Cross Country

An inside look at the team
Maddison Phares at Farmington. (Dominick Rehkop)

Cross country is a sport activity that takes place during and after school. Athletes need to tryout before joining the team.

Cross country runners often have to overcome personal weaknesses in order to do well. For instance, Braden Braswell (12) said, “I have problems with asthma, and I mostly need practice breathing better.” To be honest, training does help many runners who have this issue. Charis Moss (9) also said, “I am not as good with school, and we need some time to study.” School can be hard, and coping with homework and missing class are problems that many students who are in extracurricular activities have to overcome. For students who do struggle, it is okay to ask for help. Breanna Bone (9)¬† said she has “trouble with second miles, and the way the team will try to solve it is to increase the level of training after school.” Up next we have Laila Stephens (9) with her answer to the question of facing difficulties. She says “being always mentally prepared” is a main key of her improvement. Maddison Phares (11) says that “long-distance runners have problems with running up hills” and agrees that mental preparation is key.

Many people who are not in cross country wonder how a typical day goes. ¬†Braden said that he goes to school, then practice, then homework, and finally to sleep. Charis’s routine goes as follows: “wake up, go to school, practice, then running after school, and then finally usually go do sports after.” Being a three-season athlete, Charis starts basketball practice even before the cross country season is over. Breanna has “school, then practice, then finally a 3-mile run afterwards.” In addition to working on their own skills, teammates also teach one another new techniques and offer advice.

Although Braden claims that he doesn’t have a post-race routine, other cross country athletes have typical pre-run, locker room, and post-race routines. Charis talks to herself and wonders what the next race is going to be like. Breanna drinks a lot of water and takes an ice bath when she goes home. Laila gets mentally and physically prepared for the next race and drinks pineapples juice. Maddison enjoys the time together while running warm-ups.

Some of our runners made it to state this year, and rest of the team supports their efforts. Look for our wrap-up article coming soon!


Charis Moss, Breanna Bone, Laila Stephens, and Maddison Phares pose for a group medal picture. (Mr. Garrity)
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