International Tension

Skylar Tarkington, Editor

Things have been tense lately in the U.S. and the world. There have been talks of a new era of Cold War and even the possibility of WWIII. What could possibly send us into this world of chaos?

From an article posted by BBC on April 11th, in Syria, there has been a chemical attack on civilians with the suspicion of the attackers being Syria’s government. This is something that is taken very serious within the world today. The U.S., France, and the United Kingdom have all been very angered by this event. As world powers, the U.S., France, and the United Kingdom feel as if they need to world police especially when it comes to dangerous weapons, such as chemical ones. The U.S. was the first to respond with President Trump tweeting, “get ready” when he’s talking about sending a missile strike to Syria. Both France and the United Kingdom have backed up the U.S. with taking action. There were a few problems with this however. Syria and Russia are allies. Russia has been assisting the Syrian government in their civil war. They have been sending their own personnel to Syria to assist. Russia was not too happy when they heard that the U.S. might be sending missiles. Russia let everyone know that if the U.S. was to strike Syria, defensive action would be taken.

Even with the vailed threat that Russia gave, the U.S. government went along with the missile strike. According to Trump, the mission was successful. As far as we know, we damaged Syria’s ability to use chemical warfare. According to an article posted by New York Times, the missiles have weakened their chemical weapons abilities, but not completely. It’s speculated that they still posses the resources to continue their chemical program.

A lot has been going on in the month of April and it has been tense. It’s hard to tell at this point if something could come out of this. At the moment, things have calmed down and we haven’t started WWIII. If things continue to escalate, there is no telling what could happen.

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