He Cut What Open?

Nolan Hovis, Editor

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A recent field trip to SLU had some cringing and some intrigued. The dissection of both human reproductive systems can very easily be looked at as weird, but it is very important to know how human bodies work.

Everyone in an Anatomy and Physiology or Biology II class recently had the opportunity to watch a dissection performed on a human body. These bodies are acquired from the people who donate their bodies to science. The people who use these bodies are very respectful of their donation and made sure that everyone there watching knew that. From there, they began to explain to us how certain things can occur: hernias, STDs, and such. We were shown very graphic pictures of what these things look like and given ways to prevent them from happening. They then began to dissect the cadavers, both male and female, to show us the entire human reproductive system in real life instead of a picture. At times things were very painful to watch—since we all have one of the parts on these two cadavers—get cut open. However, it was very informative and a good experience for us all to have. When it was all finally over, we couldn’t get out of there fast enough. To finally ease our nerves and stomachs, we shot straight over to the mall to end the trip.

He Cut What Open?