Cheerful Changes


Caylee Wright, Lanie Wade, and Leah Lindsey are lined up on the field waiting for the arrival of the homecoming candidates.

Molly Sikes, Writer

The 2017 Blackcats Cheer Squad has definitely been giving us all something new to look at this year. From stunts to choreography, many things have changed for the better.

I talked with cheer coach Erin Embry about what new things have come up this year. “We did perform a new dance at Senior Night this year.” According to the coach, the senior cheerleaders choreographed the dance themselves. The squad has also been working on some new stunts. Each member of the group plays a different role in the stunts: a base, flyer, or back spot. The base will hold or throw the flyer, and the back spot stands behind the stunt to ensure that the flyer lands safely. This year’s bases are Larissa Sehn, Lexis Mills, Lindsey Robart, Megan Bailes, and Natalie Amelunke. Flyers are Jacqueline Cowsert and Mayce Seabaugh. Back spots are Caylee Wright and Lanie Wade. Leah Lindsey is a back spot and a flyer.

So where do the cheers come from? Over the summer, the squad participates in a cheer camp with the Mineral Area College cheerleaders, who teach them new cheers every year. Our cheerleaders come up with some of the cheers as well, including the freshman, who bring over some cheers they had in middle school. The squad will never run out of new cheers. Coach Embry says, “If we get desperate for cheers there is always YouTube.”

Basketball cheer tryouts are next month, so if you are interested, make sure you try out! The squad is needing more members for bigger and better stunts.