Improvement Within

Nolan Hovis, Editor

Publications always has room to improve. Whether it’s Yearbook or Scratch Pad, we always have ideas of how to refine our craft using our staff, our design, our photos, and our writing. This year has come with big changes within publications as a whole, and we believe that these changes are benefiting us and, more importantly, our readers.

Scratch Pad has made major changes on their form of news this year. We have switched from printing every issue to launching a website. We made this switch so that our information/announcements would be more current and relevant to what is going on now rather than writing about a football game that happened a couple of weeks ago.

The Yearbook staff is already starting to build this year’s yearbook. The staff is working on making the book more uniform as a whole. They are working on design elements that can be found throughout the whole book. The staff says they are also working on their game plan to beat the Scratch Pad staff this year in the Publication Olympics, to which they will need to bring their A-game plus some more to get anywhere close to beating us. You can get your yearbook by using the link on the high school web page; if you order by November 3, you get your base book for $45.

Fredericktown High School’s publications are taking a step up in the world this year, and we plan to keep taking steps until we get to the top. Don’t forget to look out for the next printed version of Scratch Pad, and don’t forget to order your yearbook!