Leaders of All Ages


Abbie White

Student Body officers (from left to right) Sara White, Haley Gilmore, and Skylar Tarkington

Skylar Tarkington , Editor

The Fredericktown Middle School’s Student Council has been busy this year, but they are wanting to do even more. Monday Dec. 4th, FHS Student Body officers got to talk with the KABMS Student Council about what they can do to make their school better but also have fun doing it. Student Body President, Skylar Tarkington, started off the meeting with a rundown of Christmas activities that the high school participates in. The middle school student council officers were beyond excited about Christmas ideas they can use this year. However, the middle school doesn’t want just Christmas ideas. They want to know how they can change for the better.

One of the biggest differences between the middle school and high school student councils is that the middle school is not part of MASC. MASC is the Missouri Association of Student Councils and they are the reason FHS knows how to run a student council. MASC trains officers and council members how to be leaders and teaches them activities they can use at their school to, raise money, raise awareness, and even just raise school spirit. The FHS Student Body officers are starting to really push that the middle school join MASC and ever since their meeting, the middle school is dying to join. The class officers of the middle school have been long awaiting for help to get their school more involved with school and community activities. The middle school was thrilled to know they can finally get some help with their lack of participation and attendance. The middle school student council were asking great questions as well. One of the officers simply asked, “How can I become a better leader?” Questions like that nearly bring tears to hardcore student council members. I think the meeting was one step toward the right direction of a better middle school.