Boys Soccer


Skylar Tarkington

Freshmen Blake Rector

Skylar Tarkington, Editor

This year has been very eventful for the boys soccer team. Three of the four seniors playing this year have experience some sort of injury and it has been up to several under classmen, like Blake Rector, to fill the spots on the varsity team.

Blake has been playing soccer since a very young age. He joined the local Optimus soccer team as soon he was of age. He played for years until taking a break during middle school but coming back to play this year. Blake says, “I’ve really enjoyed this year. I had fun playing on Varsity. It was challenging and hard to get playing time. The coaches were great they taught me many things I already knew but were more advanced.” Blake had a lot of fun playing soccer this year and has made some great memories. “My favorite memory of this season was Logan Watson running for the ball but he ended up falling. He screamed loud and like an old lady. It super funny.” It is hard for freshmen to get playing time on a varsity team but Blake stuck with it and finished the season out strong. Unfortunately, Blake won’t be playing soccer next year. Although he did enjoy this season he is wanting to join a volleyball team in St. Louis. It’s sad to see the soccer team lose another player along with their seniors. Overall the soccer team has and will continue to improve.

The soccer team won five games but lost eleven of them over the season. The team is showing signs of improvement and have some great potential with their new players. ScratchPad wishes them the best of luck next season.