StuCo Spreading Christmas Spirit

A group of students from Mr. Carver’s 6th hour class dressed up for Christmas Movie Day

Melissa Wulfert and Victoria Peppers

Since the holidays are right around the corner, Student Council decided to have a Christmas spirit week to allow the students to show off all their Christmas attire. This week was also a great way to help the students chill out before they took all of their stressful finals.

Starting off the week, we dressed up for a long winter’s nap. You were allowed to wear flannel shirts, sweatpants, scarfs, beanie/sock cap, and anything else you could find that was comfy! Most students wore flannels and beanies. Coming after that on Tuesday was Deck the Halls Day. Basically anything you wore that day, make sure it was all red and green, and that you were dressing as “Christmasy” as possible! There were some really silly ideas that the students came up with. Some even wore ornaments that they took off of their Christmas tree as earrings. The next day, Wednesday, was Christmas Movie Day. There were a lot of people that dressed up like Rudolph and elves. On Thursday you dressed up as if you were working in Santa’s workshop. You could dress up as an elf, Santa, reindeer or toy. Lastly, Friday was Christmas Sweater Day. You got to show off your ugliest or cutest Christmas sweater or shirt.

Student Council and Scratch Pad would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and we hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!