Macbeth Off-Kilter! Cast

Abbie White, Writer

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At the beginning of the month, Drama Club held auditions for their play, Macbeth Off-Kilter! A few days later the cast was posted outside Mrs. Ivy’s door. Below are the cast members for the play:

Scotty Macbeth: Will Arras

Sadie Macnutt: Alyssa Pierson

Duncan Morto: Britin Mercer

Ben Kwo: Clemens Novak

Pat Macduff: Ari Green

Mother Weird: Sophia Shetley

Jenny Fleance: Libby Mooney

Dr. Oprah: Wyatt Hurley

Willie: Gavin Moon

Pandora Lavigne: Blayke Maxwell

Bertha Rochester: Lexie Pogue

Teacher 1: Alexis Damouth

Teacher 2: Ricky Phillips

Teacher 3: Hevon Markham

Teacher 4: Haley Dockins

Nurse Dorris: Abbie White

Students 1 and 2 are still needed!