Augi the Slayer

Abbie White, Writer

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FFA, first-person shooter video games, and comedic action movies are a few of freshman Augi Hovis’s favorite things in his life.

Joining FFA is Augi’s favorite experience of his high school career, he’s a very active member for it to only be his first year in the organization. One thing he enjoys about the organization is getting to learn more about all of the different animals and ways to become a better leader. His SAE -which stands for Supervised Agriculture Experiences- is chickens. Augie has owned and taken care of his chickens since before he went into high school. Sometimes when Augi is outside feeding and caring for his little chickens, he enjoys taking strolls out

side. He enjoys the breaths of fresh air, one of the many reasons why summer is his favorite seasons. One of Augi’s goals to accomplish before he graduates is to become an officer in the FFA and get awarded his state degree.

When Augi isn’t outside, he enjoys playing video games, watching TV, and movies. Call of Duty: WWII  is one of the many games that Augie slays at. The history involved in the game is one of the reasons Augi loves to play WWII. Other than the fact that it’s also a really fun game to play.

When a storm wrecks havoc in a town and floods the streets with man-hungry sharks, Augi will most definitely know what to do. Sharknado is a movie based on these events. Augi enjoys the movie because it informs him on what he will do when the sharks begin flooding the streets after a deadly storm. Augi is a big believer that these events will happen in the near future.

Augi’s piece of advice to upcoming freshmen is to join any clubs or try out for any sport you want. It’s always fun to do something you enjoy.