Join Scratch Pad or Yearbook!

Victoria Peppers, Writer

Do you have a thing for writing? Have you ever considered a career in journalism? If so, Scratch Pad is the class for you! You’ll get to write about everything that goes on here at Fredericktown High. Joining Scratch Pad is a great experience for writers and looks great on college applications as well! Those aren’t the only upsides; the class also comes with a weighted GPA. It will help you to make new friends around the school and develop better people skills through interviews.

Designing pages and taking pictures are just two of the many things that yearbook does! Doesn’t it sound fun to be a part of documenting high school memories for everyone? Yearbook is a great class that will also look great on college applications and comes with a weighted GPA as well! If you are interested in either of these classes, feel free to fill out an application through Google Forms using this link:

Publications Application

The application deadline has been extended to Feb. 23.