“Runnin’ Runnin’ and Runnin’ Runnin'”


Carter Corcino throwing discus.

Easton Elrod, Writer

Even out of season, the track team is still working hard to improve. Coach Boston, Pierson, and Wooldridge have their team always working on their field or track event. Coach Boston handles the sprinters, Wooldridge handles the long distance runners, and Pierson handles the throwers. Each of the coaches have some things they are wanting to do a little different from last year, but generally the gameplan is the same: train to win.

This year, Coach Boston is planning on making training a bit easier and more beneficial to sprinters and jumpers. Instead of just having them run until they puke their guts out, he plans on letting them rest to catch their breath. The benefit of this is so fatigue doesn’t ruin form and technique when running.

Coach Wooldridge plans on keeping things mostly the same. He plans on having his runners jog through town or around the school to get their 7 miles in. He believes if it isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it.

Coach Pierson has been having his throwers just work on their technique, occasionally lifting weights to gain muscle. If you plan on throwing, you go and eat once a week as one of the perks.

These three coaches believe they have the recipe to success this season, and it starts with the offseason. They also need more female runners and throwers, so if you would like to make history with this school, now is your opportunity.