Right on Target


Courtesy of JROTC

Daniel Gerler, Chris Lilley-Flick, Daniel Whitehead, and Wyatt Matkin preparing to fire from the prone position

Nolan Hovis, Editor

Our Fredericktown Rifle Team competed September 21st, 2017. They all did well and placed fairly high on the board. They shot their way to the top and left the other schools behind. The rifle team has an A-Team and a B-Team, and both teams scored high in the division. Here are the scores of each individual member and their teams:



Cadet Shelly Harbison—1st place overall with 227 points and 5 bull’s eyes


There were also 4 medals given to the A-Team, three of which were awarded to Shelly H., the other awarded to Cadet Ethan Orrick.


Courtesy of JROTC
Cadet Ethan Orrick receiving an award.



Cadet Daniel Whitehead—1st place overall with 181 points

Cadet Chris Lilly-Flick—2nd place with 146 points

Cadet Brittney Manning—3rd place with 137 points


Along with covering the scoreboard, they were also awarded nine medals. Three of those went to Cadet Whitehead, two were awarded to Cadet Manning, two were awarded to Cadet Lilly-Flick, one went to Cadet Wyatt Matkin, and one was given to Cadet Daniel Gerler.