Scholar Bowl Varsity Conference Tournament Recap


Molly Sikes

Cody Phillips and Carter Corcino discuss answers during a bonus round.

Molly Sikes, Writer

On March 17, the All-Conference Varsity Scholar Bowl Tournament took place at North County High School. Our varsity team won half the games played, but unfortunately did not make it to the afternoon rounds. Our individual players did a great job, though. Here are the scores:

Game 1 Vs. Valley Caledonia

Easton Elrod, Junior: 1

Cody Phillips, Senior: 3

Molly Sikes, Junior: 2

Carter Corcino, Sophomore: 2

Justin Rhodes, Senior: 4

Colton Helms, Junior: 3

Britin Mercer, Junior: 2


Game 2 Vs. Kingston

Justin Rhodes: 2

Cody Phillips: 4

Colton Helms: 1

Carter Corcino: 2

Jacob Mungle, Junior: 1

Wendy O’Neal
Scholar Bowl varsity 2018:
Back row (left to right): Cody Phillips, Justin Rhodes, Mya Robbins, Allie Pickert, Molly Sikes
Front row: Britin Mercer Colton Helms, Carter Corcino, Easton Elrod, Jacob Mungle