FBLA Update

Abbie White, Writer

FBLA, also known as Future Business Leaders of America, has been up to some pretty nifty things recently. They’ve been some busy bee’s! They’ve had dress up days, fundraisers, painted pumpkins, and ate food of course! Members meet every other Wednesday to plan all of their upcoming activities and events.

During the fall, FBLA had a March of Dimes week. The week was dedicated to babies born with disabilities and ones that have passed away due to miscarriages. During that week FBLA encouraged the school to partake in the events going on. There was a chance to dress-up each day that week. On the Wednesday of that week, the members released balloons in memorial of the babies.

FBLA also held the Fall for Fun during the fall. The point of Fall for Fun was for siblings and cousins of members to come to the high school and play a ton of fun games with the members. It was a great bonding experience, and they made so many memories! Members and their families had the chance to take a break from all of the fun and paint pumpkins also.

Job shadowing is another major part of FBLA. A couple of members got the chance to go to another local school to job shadow and get a feel of how that job is done.

Recently, FBLA threw a breakfast celebration to show their appreciation of the members. Following, they had a pizza party to give members a break from all of the hard work they’ve been putting in this school year. They got to eat pizza and enjoy a movie.

A few of their upcoming events are state competition and a field trip. While at state, members will be voting for a delegate, go to officer interviews, and fill officer positions for next year. Closer to the end of the year, FBLA is hoping to take a field trip to St. Louis to tour the Federal Reserves and Fitz’s. FBLA will end the year strong with a banquet to award members for all of their hard work!

If you are interested in business and being a leader, make sure to join FBLA!