Guitar Club

Skylar Tarkington, Editor

FHS has many clubs and some of them go under the radar. One of the lesser known clubs is the Guitar Club. If you don’t know what the Guitar Club is, it’s a club dedicated purely to just have fun with playing guitar. This club was started last year when Mr. Maas joined FHS. Mr. Maas is a passionate guitar player. You can even see him playing his guitar in class sometimes. The Guitar Club has been kind of quiet lately however. So what exactly have they been up to?

This semester the guitar club has actually started to gain a few members. A lot of them have never even picked up a guitar before. Guitar club has really been focusing on the basics for their new members and even their regulars. Basics are always good to go over, no mater how talented you are. For guitarists, the basics usually conclude, the anatomy of a guitar, how to tune, proper ways to strum/pick, and how to play chords. The basic chords are: G, C, D, Am, F, E, and Em. If you know these chords, you can play almost any song. It’s a great way for the beginners to find their love for music.

It’s amazing that FHS has a club to help students work on something they are passionate about. It’s sometimes hard to find time or the money to take actual lessons. Guitar Club really helps students who want to learn and it’s great that even their peers can teach them. I encourage for anyone that may be interested, to check Guitar Club out. You will learn some great skills, it’s a great stress reliever, and you can make some great friends.