Honors Ace the Banquet


Molly Sikes

Chris Bates smiles for the camera after giving an inspiring pre-dinner invocation

Molly Sikes, Writer

The annual honor banquet was held in the cafeteria on May 7th, and it was all about our seniors. The night began with a moving invocation by sophomore Chris Bates and a lovely dinner and dessert provided by members of the community. The meal consisted of red pasta and chocolate cake, with some lemonade and other fresh beverages on the side.

After the meal, the seniors were prompted to stand up and introduce all of their family members that attended. This was to recognize the makers of the students who achieved honor roll in the final year of high school. Almost every single senior brought at least one family member to be there for the presentation of this esteemed award.

When the seniors finished announcing their families, awards were presented. The classes lined up one-by-one in alphabetical order, each student being recognized by Mr. Henson as he handed out the certificates. Students were also given tokens for the academic side of their letterman jackets.

Once everybody had an award of their own, the attention was directed back to the seniors as Mr. Henson announced and congratulated recipients of scholarships. Scholarships announced ranged from amounts in the hundreds to amounts in the ten thousands. Our seniors are certainly going places. Make sure to congratulate a senior before they graduate and make their way in their lives.