It Was Raining and So Were My Eyes: Student Council Retreat


Skylar Tarkington , Editor

It was a memorable day for Student Council on May 3rd. Every year student council holds a retreat for the council members. They take a whole school day to go to Teen Town, play some games, and eat some food. It’s a bundle of fun with the whole day being packed full of activities.

Retreat is the end of the year treat for all of the student council members. Student council works hard all year putting on a lot of activities for the students and staff. The student body officers work hard each year to put a whole day of activities for the members. Each year the council is split into teams for games and lessons. The retreat starts off with some leadership lessons and then goes right into the team competitions. There is a bundle of games to play, but by far the best part is the scavenger hunt. There is a list of activities for each team and they are tasked with running around the park and finding the activities they must complete. If they complete the task, they get a point towards winning the retreat. It’s one of the signature things that happens at retreat. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned this year. For the first time in several years, weather put student council inside. It stopped us from having our tug of war, but did not stop us from having fun! Student body officers, most myself, were having an anxiety attack from everything being changed around. When it came down to it, everyone had fun. However, retreat is not just about having fun.

Each year student council uses the retreat as the time where they swear in the new student body officers for the next year. I am Student Body President and this was the part were my eyes started mimicking the weather. A lot of us, student body officers, have dedicated years to this organization. We are sad, but happy that we could hand our positions to the next best thing. We are sad to leave so many memories behind.

The retreat was a success in many aspects. From myself and the other seniors of student council, we wish our club the best of luck next year.