The Choir Defies Gravity

When people think of careers in singing one of the first thoughts that comes to anyone’s mind is Broadway. Singing on Broadway has been the pinnacle of many singers careers; Idina Menzel, Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, even Hugh Jackman all made careers on Broadway. Friday, May 11th, 2018 the FHS Choirs got to experience their own night under Broadway’s lights when they put on their own concert, FHS in Lights, in the Kelly A. Burlison Middle School auditorium.

The concert opened up with “Opening Night! A New Generation of Broadway”, a medley of songs from a variety of Broadway plays. The full choir danced and sang with vigor to this fun mixture of songs, lots of folks got down and funky with the playful mixture of music. After that the mixed choir performed an old fan favorite, “It’s a Hard-Knock Life” from ANNIE.

This concert was all about showcasing the musical students’ talents which means that there were a few solos. The first solo of the night was Daniel Renshaw. Renshaw shocked the audience when he walked on stage in the formal dressing style of a man from a time long past and sang “Stars” from Les Miserables, his tone and spirit made the audience feel like they were in another time.

A few songs later and the choir showed their awards videos. These comical videos that they show during their pop concert every year focused on awarding people for best performances and choreography. After everybody had a good laugh, the full cast came back onstage to perform a medley of The Phantom of the Opera songs.

After a ten minutes intermission, the full cast came back to show us their Disney spirit by performing “Disney on Stage Medley,” then Angel Womack let it all go when she sang a beautiful rendition of “Hallelujah” by Pentatonix. Plenty more songs were performed, including some Sugarland and Mamma Mia! songs, until the senior choir members were given their recognition and four year trophies and the sang “For When We Walk Away” as a way to close the curtain on the evening.

Pop Concert was like Elphaba this year, it absolutely defied gravity. Broadway was definitely the best theme for this theatrical concert. Hopefully next year will see some even more amazing performances.