To New Beginnings

Victoria Peppers, Writer

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Last week we at FHS said goodbye to the class of 2018. Our last week was fun filled as we all went from tears to smiles. StuCo’s senior dress-up week was definitely a success, starting out with Monday’s Meme Day. The students sported their college attire the next day, then they dressed as their birth year, and finally they dressed as their future professions. Even some underclassmen joined in on the fun! Their last day ended with the Senior Stroll through all the schools from the elementary back through the high school. They said goodbye to all of the teachers that helped them along their journey through school. Everyone had a great time saying bon voyage to high school and saying hello to new beginnings. The seniors were honored one last time at their graduation on Sunday. Good luck on all of your future endeavors, class of 2018.