Don’t Stress

Melissa Wulfert, Writer

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High school is a very intimidating and stressful time for some students. You’re either just starting, trying to find your way around the new school, having homework every night, getting pushed to apply for college, or signing up for scholarships. No matter what school related stress you have, it is not easy.

Throughout your high school career you will find ways to make your four years so much easier. Personally, an easier way for me to become stress free from school is being involved with clubs, sports, dressing up for spirit weeks, etc. Being involved makes the school year move so much quicker, and it makes it a little more fun. Some students don’t realize that being involved makes you look better on your college applications, also. So with all that stress of getting accepted into college, you can help yourself out by having fun during school, too. Some people think that they can’t dress up for spirit weeks, or join clubs because they are “too cool.” I have heard so many people say that. I think that the spirit weeks and clubs are a really great way to escape from school and have fun while being at school.

Another good way to help with your stress is to not procrastinate. I always have had a really hard time with this, and this is a major reason for all of my stress. I just say “I’ll do it later.” and then I forget all about the assignment. This is a really bad habit to have especially if you think you are going to go to college. Most college professors, if not all, will not take your assignment even a minute late. Practicing this at school will help you out later on, and, even if it is very stressful right now trying to meet deadlines, it will be all worth it when you get into college.

The last tip for avoiding stress is to make new friends, or stick around with your friends. Yes, we all have those falling outs with our friends that we thought we’d be with forever. It is not the end of the world. There are so many people in school that would love to make new friends. It is super easy to make friends here, even if you are shy. Talking to people and hanging around people throughout the year will also make school go by so much faster.

If you use these tips, you will find yourself having a little less stressful time trying to find yourself at graduation, and also you’ll realize how fast it went by. Just know that high school is meant to be stressful to get yourself ready for the real world.