Ozark Raider Meet Recap


Breanna Pullen

Jerritt Hargis lifts cement blocks for a challenge

Breanna Pullen, Contributor

On September 15th, 2018, the Fredericktown JROTC Raider team traveled to their first competition in Ozark, Missouri. They participated in events such as the 5k run, bucket brigade, the iron man, lunberjack, litter carry, and the agility course.

Of the two teams, varsity (A-Team), scored second in the bucket brigade, and ranked 7th out of all 38 teams who competed.

Members of this year’s JROTC Raider team consists of the following:

Varsity (A-Team): Blake Olson, Aaron Cooper, Caleb Cooper, Levi Cooper, and Jeff Wilson

JV (B-Team): Levi Barlow, Jerritt Hargis, Abigail Lee, Ethan Wheeling, and Jeffery Emlund

Breanna Pullen
Ethan Wheeling, Blake Olson, and Aaron Cooper are seen resting between events