The Last Play: Football Seniors 2018


Emilee Goldsmith

Fredericktown Blackcats line up against the Perryville Pirates.

Emilee Goldsmith, Writer

From the outside looking in, the football team looks like a bunch of different guys playing a game, but as I talked to some seniors on the team, I learned it’s much more than that. I learned that they all are a big family, and that they don’t want to let each other down. As they shared their opinions, I also got to learn more about them and their personalities.

I had the opportunity to interview four seniors on the football team about their favorite memories of the 2018 season. Brett Seper shared his: “My favorite memory from this year’s football season would have to be the overnight stay because we all got closer as a team.” These seniors all talked about being close like a family and how they all get along. Even when they lose and get frustrated at each other, they all come back and know they can’t do better without all their teammates. Noah Korokis also shared a funny memory from this season: “My favorite memory has to be when Colten Jordan hit a coach in the head with a ball, and then when the coach yelled at him, he started crying.” They all share many memories together, even if they are sad, exciting, and even ridiculous.

Over the past four years each senior has made many memories they will never forget. One favorite memory from Dylan St. Clair was this: “My favorite memory would be locking Easton Elrod in a locker because he was small enough to fit.” For some seniors, leaving is a very emotional time for them and their team members. AJ Orman explains this in what he expects to be his favorite memory for high school: “Graduation will be my favorite because that’s when we will be coming together and seeing each other for the last time for a while.” He also talked about how they will have to continue on with their life and make it successful.

All of these seniors will be going on after high school to college and starting a new career. Brett wants to go into the air force because his dad inspires him in his life, so he wants to do just like he did. He also wants to continue to purse his passion in music. AJ wants to become a police officer because many people were there for him, so he wants to be there for other people when they need help. Noah wants to go to Linn Tech and become a traveling lineman.

If you want to see these seniors in action, October 12 is senior night, and they will be recognized along with the other seniors on the team. Go! Fight! Win!