The Final Call

The Blackcats Football team listening to coaches before the game starts off.

Emilee Goldsmith, Writer

The Fredericktown football team won two games this season. A couple games they played hard and won like Doniphan ending 48-8. Some were only lost by a few like the Potosi game ending in 14-21.

Sophomore Malachi Kyle was picking up the pace this season. He was one of the main people scoring touchdowns. Senior AJ Orman was also a star this season when he got the first tackle of the season. Even though these are only a few of the players, they couldn’t do what they need without the whole team. With people tackling others and blocking them from the ball to people running the ball down the line.

I had the opportunity to talk to Joseph Price and he talked about how this season their team came together as one more than they ever have. He felt as if he had made forty- five new friends that won’t ever leave his side. He also said that they need more people in the weight room during the off season to start preparing for the next season.

Fourteen of the forty-six boys on the team are graduating this year to continue their life somewhere else. Some are ready to leave and some know it will be tough leaving a place they have spent their whole life in. Many games were tough to win, but they kept their head up and kept playing hard. The players that are staying back are very excited for what the next season brings for them.