Run, Fredmo! Run!


Mrs. Cook

The Cross Country team getting ready for their run

Emilee Goldsmith, Writer

This season for cross country was Fredericktown’s first year to participate in the races. We had eleven people join the team this year. Even with a small team, the season went amazingly for their first year.

At Dexter’s Invitational they all finished within twenty-six minutes. Junior Brayden Mullins finished in second place with eighteen minutes. Freshman Ava Laut finished thirteenth within twenty-three minutes; she is also the only varsity girl on the team this year.

The varsity boys finished second overall out of twenty-two teams. The junior varsity boys finished first with three points. Both teams could not make that happen without good teamwork and encouragement from each other and their coaches. The girls unfortunately do not have enough people to compete as a team, but that didn’t stop Ava Laut and Belle Hanshew. They both finished in the top twenty and won medals.

I had the opportunity to talk to Ava Laut. During the season she looked up to many people to continue to run. A couple that truly inspired her were her coaches and her mom. Her mom always told her to keep her head up and to keep running when she wants to give up. She also wants to start running before the season starts to achieve the goals she has set.

I also got to talk to junior Noah Jenkerson. He feels that being a team is a big part of running. His teammates encourage him while he’s running, and he does the same for them. Next year he hopes to see more people go out for the team.

The team is upset the season is over, but they are excited to see what next year brings. They have done overwhelmingly well for their first season and can’t believe what talented people they have. They are also looking forward to see who will join the team next year.