Chess Club

Molly Sikes, Editor

When imagining chess club, one may picture a couple of guys sitting in front of a chessboard in a dusty room, staring intently at each other as one decides his next move. This really isn’t the case. Despite the stigma that chess is a very serious game, and its players take it very seriously, chess club is more about fun than potentially any other club in the BASE program.

The name is a little misleading because not only do the members play chess, but they also play plenty of other board games, too. Mr. Asher had collected many brain games over the many years he worked here, and he had left behind his collection when he retired.

Last year, Asher’s last year, the chess club was set to compete, but unfortunately the event was canceled. Because of the lack of experienced members this year, it is looking like it will be a while before they compete again. Right now, the club is focused on teaching its members to be proficient with chess and  having fun while doing so.

If you know a thing or two about chess or any other logic-related games, then grab a BASE form and join! The club is always accepting new members! They meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 3 to 5.