Blackcat Pride!


Molly Sikes

Kayleigh Slinkard, Callie Slinkard, and Lily Penwell cheering the boys team on.

Emilee Goldsmith, Writer

Let’s get a little bit rowdy! The Fredericktown High School loves supporting their school by sitting in a section during a basketball game and cheering them on. The presidents of the club are Marissa Hale and Alayna Buxton. They both have main parts in the club. They have to set theme nights, paint faces, and get everyone hyped for the game. By doing this it really helps the players feel important when they feel down. Sometimes people or parents that come to watch the games even join in with the cheers.

Some theme nights they have done in the past were, construction clothes, american flag, school colors, and black out. People take these nights to the extreme. People normally get to the school around 5:30 to paint each others faces. The members paint their faces according to the theme night. Many people come out to be in pep club at every game. Some nights they even make signs for the players or our school. They could range from, encouraging our team to showing how much we want them to win.

Pep club is not just for basketball; they also were there for football games. They didn’t have very many people come to these games, but they did try to get people there. They had theme nights and loud voices there to support our boys. They also come out for volleyball to support the girls.

This year they hope to have many people join the club throughout the year at anytime. They want to make the club as big as possible. Small clubs are not what they want here. They want as many loud or quiet voices as they can get. One goal they have this year is to get big enough to go to away games as a school function. If you want to be in pep club talk to Mrs. Allgier or Mr. Carver. They would love to have anyone and everyone there!