The Season So Far and What to Expect: Boy’s Basketball


Molly Sikes

Junior Seth Laut prepares to rebound senior Dylan St. Clair’s shot

Molly Sikes, Editor

Basketball, probably one of the most exciting sports to watch, is very well represented at Fredericktown High School. Our team, so far, has placed third in the Thanksgiving tournament and won a game on December 11 with a score of 82-29. It is only the beginning of the season, too.

This season, you can look forward to more and more wins, for the team works very hard and call each other out on their mistakes. It may sound aggressive, but it’s how the players work together to win. For example, during the Dec. 11 game against Bismarck, a Fredericktown player had received a foul for trying to slap the ball from someone’s hands. A very clear “That wasn’t very smart,” came from the court. The player used the constructive criticism to his own advantage. Very few fouls happened at all through the rest of the game. Also, in regards to seeing the team work together, I also saw a significant amount of support from the crowd. Pep Club appeared at the game, and the cheerleaders also gave a yell for the team at any opportune moment. This mixture of coaching, teamwork, and support made for an extremely successful game, and the games will only get better in the future.

The boys have plenty more games to come, both home and away, and you can catch them at Homecoming on January 18. Come add more support to the ever-improving Fredericktown Blackcats basketball team!