Smarties at Scholar Bowl


Cindy Cook

(From left to right): Levi Cooper, Will Arras, Lidia Myers, and Daniel Bathe work hard in a meet.

Easton Elrod, Editor

The members of Scholar Bowl love to have fun. In practices, for example, one person asks random trivia questions to the group while other members help set up the buzzers for practice. They have also been known to frequently order pizza or bring cupcakes for holidays and birthdays.

Some of the more quirky actions members have done include everyone’s favorite redhead Lidia Myers bringing smarties to every home meet for whoever goes in to play. Another idiosyncrasy that showed itself was when Jacob Mungle looked at his wrist and said “I’m gonna be late”, yet he wasn’t wearing a watch. Even he agrees it was pretty funny.

The entire team also has many inside jokes that make zero sense to anyone outside of that circle. For example, many of the veteran members joke about the answer to a question about an author always being Ernest Hemingway, or always getting a question about the Nautilus. One of Molly Sikes’s favorite moments was one year ago, when Easton Elrod attempted to guess the name of the bear from The Jungle Book. Easton buzzed in confidently and blurted out “Gerard” (The bear’s name is Balloo, but nobody listens to Molly so don’t blame me), and never heard the end of it. Even today, he regularly gets attacked by terrible memes and jokes about this blunder. Another thing that is commonplace in Scholar Bowl is Colton Helms yelling: either to the readers due to some error, or once again at Easton for dropping out of Calculus when he misses a Calculus question or saying something somewhat stupid.

“HOW DO YOU FREESTYLE RUN?!?!” –Colton Helms, 2019

None of this behavior should come to surprise, as many of the members are also great friends. They support each other, and always pick each other up when one is feeling down. Just don’t argue with Colton Helms. Also Molly had a better outro for this article, but like every other day in Scholar Bowl, I ignored it. ­čÖé